Our cooking school in Tuscany offers unique truffle hunting adventures.
Certainly one of the most prestigious ingredients of the Italian cuisine, truffles are incorrectly perceived as a highly seasonal product: various types of truffles can be gathered in each season. The most prized and expensive is the white autumn truffle, hence the misperception that fresh truffles can be purchased only from September to December. In any season the amount of truffles depends greatly on the weather and rainfall, but our experienced truffle hunters are always able to find some.
On our truffle hunting adventure you will meet Mario, one of the most seasoned hunters of our area. He will be accompanied by his specially trained dogs. You will find out why a truffle hunter must be careful not to break the root on which the truffle has grown, and why the soft noses of select dog breeds are the most suitable for truffle searching. You will discover not only the excitement of truffle hunting but also some useful kitchen tips: how to take care of them to maintain freshness, and some simple ways to use them in your cooking.
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