Before founding Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of cooking, Chef Seamus has accumulated rich international experiences.

Descendant of a noble Irish family, Seamus de Pentheny O'Kelly was born and raised in South Africa. After completing his studies, Seamus interns in the Ritz Hotel in Paris, and spends the following years managing hotels and restaurants in South Africa and Britain. He also travels extensively in Asia and Africa to discover new flavors.
In 1984 he moves to France where he works with the world famous patissier
and chocolatier Bernachon and then the renown restaurateur Paul Bocuse.
A year later, Seamus moves to Italy and falls in love with Tuscany. He purchases and restores the Castello di Spaltenna in Gaiole. During this period, Seamus becomes a Master Chef of the Discovery Channel. Having sold Spaltenna, Seamus' Chianti base becomes the Osteria del Castello at the famous Castello Brolio where he begins teaching cooking lessons.

In 2006-7 Seamus finally turns into reality his dream project: a cooking school in Tuscany - Chianti Kitchen.
Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of Cooking of Chef Seamus de Pentheny O'Kelly - Tuscany, Italy -