Chianti Kitchen, the Tuscan School of Cooking, offers the following advice:


Shop in produce markets frequently: you can get new cooking ideas and be inspired by fresh ingredients. This way you can also purchase small quantities, always cook with fresh ingredients and your fridge will not be cluttered.

These are the most important tools in the kitchen. You must treat them with respect and sharpen them after every

usage. Avoid that two different people sharpen the same knife. Each person has a different angle of handling the knife and the rod, and variation of these angles damages the blade. If more than one person is using the same knife it is better to use an electric sharpener.

The reason why people cry when cutting onions is because they are using dull knives. If the blade is not sharp, you press on the onion, and the juices ....

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Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of Cooking of Chef Seamus de Pentheny O'Kelly - Tuscany, Italy -