The Seamus Fund supports the medical and care giving services for HIV/AIDS-infected children in Swaziland. More specifically, it supports the Baylor Clinic and enables children to reach the clinic for monthly support groups. Here the staff of the clinic engage with each child on a more intimate, psychosocial level. This includes counseling, group therapy and discussions about the challenges that children living with HIV face. At theses support group meetings children receive a meal and a fruit pack. For many this is the only meal of the day. These support groups have really impacted the children's adherence to anti-retroviral (ARV) treatments. The Fund has also helped caregivers of children to reach the services available at the clinic by covering various transportation costs. In addition, the Fund also provides small seed grants that help parents, especially mothers, of infected children to start up a small, sustainable business that can hopefully improve the welfare of the whole family.

Read the stories of children and adults who have benefited from funding provided by Seamus Fund.
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