These are the cooking courses that we have been the favorites at our cooking school in Tuscany.

Tasting Menu is composed of Mousse of vegetables with a tomato sauce, Fillets of chicken rolled in chicory leaves with a herb sauce, Tagliatelle with Crete Senesi truffles, Risotto with wild berries, Roasted suckling, selection of Pecorino cheeses served with a home-made fig marmalade, desserts.

Menu a Sorpresa is a menu inspired by the Tuscan morning. By its mood, by a
special ingredient Seamus has found at the farmers' market, or by a particularly irresistible bunch of herbs and veggies in his garden. Our students love the element of surprise.

Regional Menus contain the classic recipes from our favorite Italian regions. The prime of place belongs to Tuscan Menu . If you like spicy southern Italian flavors, you will enjoy the Calabria Menu. Another favorite is Roman Holiday - Seamus has lived in Rome for 2 years, and loves its food.
Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of Cooking of Chef Seamus de Pentheny O'Kelly - Tuscany, Italy -