Before founding his cooking school in Tuscany, Chianti Kitchen, Seamus came to teaching in the most natural way. When preparing dinners for friends, Seamus recounted the most fascinating stories about recipes, ingredients, his life in Africa and his professional adventures around the world. And as he talked, he involved everyone in the cooking because he disliked being alone in the kitchen while everyone else was socializing. And since Seamus loves telling stories and cooking with friends, a new vocation was born, and with it the Chianti Kitchen. In his cooking courses in Tuscany Seamus shows how to create a complete menu in less time and with results that impress the eye and the palate. The recipes are simple, and rely on well chosen ingredients and timing. His lessons are peppered with useful kitchen tips, and even sophisticated technical advice about oil temperature and knife angles. Both beginners and kitchen buffs get equally captured.
What makes Seamus' cooking courses in Tuscany exciting is his unique personality, and an effervescent passion for Tuscan food and life.
Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of Cooking of Chef Seamus de Pentheny O'Kelly - Tuscany, Italy -