Our cooking school in Tuscany offers customized courses that are tailor-made in 2 ways: format and contents.

In terms of format, we offer courses for Families with Children. The course is exciting and educational because it teaches the kids from an early age that cooking is fun and easy, and that home-prepared dishes, not snacks and fast food, are the way to go. Naturally, the recipes selected are easy and safe.
Another is Cooking for Newlyweds. This is a "kitchen initiation" course for those who have passed their single life relying
on take-out, and would like to warm up their new, shared home with some good cooking. The course teaches basic recipes & techniques: how to julienne veggies or debone a chicken, how to cook pasta al dente, & more.

In terms of contents, we satisfy the interests of both novices and seasoned cooks. If you are interested in cooking with truffles, we can offer you a specialized course paired with a truffle hunting excursion. If seafood is your passion, we offer a course that employs fish & seafood in every dish.
Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of Cooking of Chef Seamus de Pentheny O'Kelly - Tuscany, Italy - info@chiantikitchen.com