Our cooking school in Tuscany is always full of music. The AfroDisiaco CD is an expression of this. In fact it's an explosion of rhythm that Seamus has had inside him his whole life. It was born from a great love of music and food. When Seamus moved to Italy, he met Mimmo Epifani who extracted from him the capacity to create music. on the CD, Mimmo plays the mandolin while Seamus handles the bongos and sings. The album seamlessly blends African rhythms with Seamus's Irish roots and Mimmo's southern Italian musical heritage. The CD is something different, easy to listen to, has sensual rhythms and gives you an unexpected energy and desire to embrace life. To our knowledge this is the only CD in the world that contains a tiny recipe book inside it. The band is called Zucchini Flowers. All profits generated by the sales of this CD go fully and directly to the Seamus Fund that helps HIV/AIDS infected children in Swaziland. If you would like to order this CD, email us.
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