Chianti Kitchen, The Tuscan School of Cooking, offers a unique Afrodisiac Cooking Course. Thanks to his extensive experience with many culinary traditions, including Italian, French, Portuguese, East Asian and African, Chef Seamus has come to appreciate the marvelous aphrodisiac effects of food and cooking, and has created a culinary course on this subject. This course has been one of the favorites at our cooking school in Tuscany. This course shows that not only specific foods andingredients have an aphrodisiac power, but that also the presentation and the act of cooking itself create this special effect.

Our basic afrodisiac menu includes:
Soufflè Afrodisiaco, fried zucchini flowers, goat cheese with pumpkin and ginger marmalade, crabs tomato cream with three peppers, shell pasta with a sauce of four cheeses and red chicory, risotto with saffron and pistachio nuts, sirloin steak with a spicy sauce, home made sorbet of passion fruit, chocolate ice cream with a mint sauce.

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