Food&Wine: “Seamus is ... an engaging mixture of Norman nobility and Irish blarney… Tuscans raise their eyebrows at dishes like chicken mango, but they have to admit that his bean soup is just as good as theirs.”

L’Espresso: “Seamus de Pentheny … has succeeded in metabolizing into his Anglo-Saxon culture the Tuscan cuisine and its ingredients … All is the fruit of a meditated research and seasoned technical skills.”

AD Magazine: "Seamus belongs to a rare breed - he chooses to work 15 hours a day because he love his vocation… Seamus is a genius of  invention. He gives a new freshness to the traditional Tuscan dishes which he has studied to the last detail. He employs the greens from his garden to compose, almost by surprise, dishes that resemble musical compositions. In their beauty as much as their exquisite flavors."

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